How can the information be verified?

Click on an item in the Verification sources column to get the window shown below:

Additional information about the verification source

Here you can indicate how the data will be collected, and who will be responsible for the collection of this information.

  • To indicate who is responsible for the data collection, you can select any of your partners from the drop-down list.
  • Next, you can indicate the frequency at which the data collection should happen: weekly, monthly, every 3-4-6 months, yearly, at the start or at the end of the project, mid-term, before the project starts (ex ante) or after the project (ex post).
  • In the third text box, you can indicate what kind of information source you're using: a baseline study, registration forms, follow-up missions, meetings, etc.
  • If you've selected a website as your information source in the previous box, you can enter the site's URL in the Website box.
  • Finally, you can provide a bit more information about the collection method.