Changing the lay-out of the logframe

Using the Lay-out toolbar, you can hide columns and sections; hide everything but your project's main purpose(s); switch between viewing the process indicators or the resources; and show or hide the Details pane.

Logframe lay-out toolbar

This enables you to make custom versions of the logframe, which you can then print or export to MS Word or MS Excel. It also allows you to hide the columns or sections that you are not working, making it easier to focus.

Logframe with two columns visible

The Lay-out toolbar has the following ribbon panels and buttons:

  • Columns ribbon panel: hide or show the Indicators, Verification Sources and/or Assumptions column. The Project Logic column will always remain visible, but if you click this button the three other columns will hide or show.
  • Sections ribbon panel: hide or show the Goals section, the Purposes section, the Outputs section and/or the Activities section
  • View ribbon panel:
    • Show the entire logframe
    • Show the project's main purpose(s) only
    • Hide or show the Details pane at the bottom of the screen
    • Hide empty cells: click this button to hide the empty cells at the bottom of each group of items. This will make the view of the logframe more compact. You can still insert or add items using the Items ribbon.
  • Structure ribbon panel: in the Activities section (bottom section of the logframe), you can choose between viewing process indicators and their verification sources (columns 2 and 3), or the resources and (estimated) cost necessary for each activity.

Changing column or section titles

See Settings – The design of the logframe