On the Scoring tab:

  • Number box: indicate the precision (number of decimals) and select a unit from the list, or enter a new unit. If you enter a custom unit it will become available for all indicators in the current project (but not in other projects).
  • Value range box: You can limit the value range that the respondents can give by specifying a minimum value and/or a maximum value. This means that you can’t enter target values that lie outside this value range.
  • Scoring and Targeting: see the page on this topic

Options on the Scoring tab of a value-type indicator

On the Targets tab:

  • Specify the target values in the cells of the first row
  • When you measure at beneficiary level, specify which percentage of the target group you expect to reach that target. On the bottom row Logframer will calculate the total values for the target population.

Value type indicator with targets

With scoring:

Value type indicator with targets and their scores

Beneficiary level monitoring:

Value type indicator with targets per beneficiary

Beneficiary level monitoring with scoring:

Value type indicator with targets and scores per beneficiary