Collaboration tools

You can find the collaboration tools in the Collaboration toolbar. This will appear when you go to the Project information window and select an item in the list of partner organisations or in the list of contacts of a certain partner organisation.

Collaboration toolbar

There are four buttons:

  • Send an e-mail
  • Send a letter: open a new MS Word document and create a header with the address information of the person or organisation in question
  • View the website of the organisation/person
  • Start a Skype call with a person

To use these buttons, just click on the name of an organisation or person in the Partners list and then on a button.

If there is more than one e-mail address, mail address or website, Logframer will select the ‘Main’ address or site. If no e-mail address, mail address or website, has its type set to ‘Main’, the first item in the list will be selected.

If you want to select a different address or site, double click on the organisation or person to open a dialogue window with detailed information. Select the address or site of your choice and click on the button in the toolbar in the dialogue window (not the Collaboration toolbar of the main window).