Happy Customer

I do a bit of advertising on Logframer in LinkedIn, with a number of focus groups specialized in project management, development assistance, humanitarian aid, quality management, etc. Recently I received the following response on one of these messages:

Thank you for this wonderful tool , perfectly suited for collaborative work. This word proved to be the key for Epiceries (www.epiceries.org) with this version of Logframer. I 'm on a Mac, and there is no Mac version , so it is the field teams in Congo and Niger, which use PCs, who tried it first.  We discuss things on Bistri; I bring my insights on the approach, they give feedback, send me the pdf, we revise the whole thing... It works very well. I won't have a PC available as a backup before the teams will have mastered the approach. I hated the logical framework approach and project cycles because you had to design them in software that wasn't suited for the job . We worked on large paper sheets versions, which were impossible to send to other people. My goal is not to satisfy donors but provide good tools for teams that help to look at information under different angles. Phew phew phew! So thank you very much for having presented us with this tool.

Véronique Isenmann

Responsible for training at NGO Epiceries

What I particularly like about this testimony is how these teams collaborate and share using the different features of Logframer and other software. I hope to improve the possibilities for exchange and group work in future versions of Logframer.


Maybe you should look into using MONO for running Logframer on Mac (and Linux):http://www.mono-project.com/An official release with MONO compatibility in mind would be great too, especially one with Linux compatibility.

Hi Kris,

I know about Mono (see also this item in the FAQ), but I haven't tested it yet myself. I've had some comments of users saying that they were going to try this option, but so far I haven't heard from anyone who actually tried it for real. At the moment I've got my hands full with developing the Windows version, so although I am curious to find out if it would work, it's not for the immediate future. Also I don't own a Mac, so I can't test it myself.


I´m very interested in translating Logframer into Spanish. 

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