Logframer 1.1 Out Now!

Ok, I admit: it took me a wee bit longer than 'the end of summer' to roll out version 1.1, but that doesn't matter now because it's finally ready! And I just now you are all as excited as I am!

This new version of Logframer has a host of improvements, some small, some larger:

  • A bilingual interface, meaning that you can select between a French or an English user interface. Other languages will follow, with Spanish high on the agenda for a next version.
  • A powerful find and replace tool: as mentioned earlier on this blog this was a request of one of the users that I picked up. Now you can search your logframe and the various windows with detailed information for specific words and replace them if you want.
  • The recent files list that I mentioned here before. This thing really came in handy when I tested this new version.
  • More control over the lay-out of your logframe - choose the font and colour of the titles etc. As if the various font options and background colours were not enough, now you can really light up your logical framework like a Christmas tree smiley
  • Increased number of options for the scheme of your project logic column: I added schemes from various international donors and large NGOs, both in French and English

Apart from these new features, I also did a lot of work to improve the stability of the application. Sometimes, the undo/redo mechanism caused the whole application to come to a screeching halt. There were some stability issues with certain details windows too. I hope they are now all ironed out, but please inform me should you come across any more problems.

So enjoy Logframer 1.1!

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