Printing your project’s planning

To print the planning, click on FilePrint...Print Planning. To see the print preview, go to FilePrint preview...Print preview of Planning.

Alternatively, you can open the Planning window by clicking on the Planning button button in the Lay-out toolbar. Then in the planning window you can click on the Print and print preview buttons buttons to print or see the print preview respectively.

In both cases you will get the following dialog:

Planning printing options

Here you can select a number of options:

  • For which output you want to see the activities; if you select - all outputs - you will see the planning of your whole project.
  • Whether you want to see both key moments and activities, activities only or key moments only
  • The level of detail: planning per day, per week, per month or per year
  • For which period you want to see the planning. By default you get the entire length of your project, but you can select any period you want within the course of your project.
  • Finally, you can choose whether you want to show the links (arrows) between the activities and key moments. If you uncheck the box the links won't show.
Printing options - select output Printing options - show key moments and/or activities
Printing options - select timeframe  

When you press the < OK > button you will get the preview, or the printing will begin.

Planning print preview


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