Step 6: Activities, resources and responsibilities

RBM - step 6

At this point, it is time to take a look at the activities from a very practical point of view:

  • When will the activity start and how long will it take? Does the activity follow another one? Does it depend on that previous activity (does it need the outputs of that previous activity as inputs)?
  • What inputs (resources) are needed: people, knowledge/information, money, equipment and tools, natural resources, energy, space, logistics…
  • How much preparation time is needed? Who is involved in preparation?
  • If the activity is complex, a specific budget may have to be made up.
  • Who is involved? Who is responsible for managing the activity? Who will execute the activity (one of the partners, or maybe a subcontractor or service provider)? Who can give support? Who has to be consulted beforehand (authorities, beneficiaries, management…)? Who needs to be informed? This series of questions is called RASCI, short for Responsible, Action, Support, Consulted, Informed (although other flavours also exist, such as RACI or RASI).
  • What methods or procedures have to be followed?
  • What tangible outputs are expected (reports, goods, trained people….)?
  • Does the activity have to be repeated over time? How many times/how regular?
  • How will the follow-up be organised? How much follow-up time is needed? Who is responsible for follow-up?

For simple activities, you may not have to go through this whole list of questions, but complex activities need to be planned and budgeted in some detail.

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