Version 1.2 is well underway

It's been a while since the last update, but that doesn't mean nothing happened. On the contrary, Logframer version 1.2 took quite some work.

Major changes were made 'under the hood', in an effort to improve Logframer's overall performance. You may have noticed that the interface slows down when you make large logical frameworks. The reason for this is the possibility to use rich text (individual words and letters in different fonts, sizes and colours; put text in bold, italics etc.) So the rendering engine got a major overhaul. In version 1.2, you will be able to choose whether you want faster rendering (at lower quality) or higher quality rendering (at lower speed). The faster rendering option is especially interesting if you have an older and slower computer.

The other important item on the maintenance list was printing. Logframer allows you to create a whole series of reports based on the information that you registered. However, the sheer number of reports, options and dialogs was a bit confusing. So in version 1.2 you will have one common print dialog and one common print preview dialog:

Reports print preview dialog


Instead of getting a series of small dialog windows, you can find all the print options on the left. Another new feature is that you can add a header and a footer to the report. You can make one for each individual report, or use the same header/footer for all your reports. And you can also add page numbers and the total number of pages. Both header and footer have full text options (font, size, bold/italics/underline...)

At the same time, every individual report got a major overhaul to remove any bugs (and add new ones - just kidding) and also to improve their rendering speed. Finally, a new report was added: the list of resources. Although Logframer doesn't (yet) allow you to create a seperate project budget, you can specify for each activity which resources you will need and indicate how much those resources will cost. In the previous versions, there was no way of printing the detailed calculations that you can make. So this new report gives you a detailed overview of the costs linked to every activity.

A final addition is that you can search your contacts and partner organisations. The current search function allows you to search the logical framework and all related details (target groups, risks, etc.) but not the contacts. In version 1.2 you will be able to search all information.

So there you have it, a quick update. I hope to be able to release version 1.2 in a couple of weeks time. So stay tuned!

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