Website temporarily down due to spam

You may have noticed that it's been difficult to get access to this website the last couple of days. The website was down for several hours a day. As luck would have it, I was away on a mission to Tanzania, and unfortunately I couldn't get access myself because the spam filters thought I was a bad guy.

After exchanging with my ISP, it seemed to improve a bit and I thought things were back to normal. But they weren't, unfortunately. It was only after my return to Belgium that I discovered the real cause. The site was the victim of an orchestrated campaign to fill it with spam messages. Various different sources were trying to post heaps of 'interesting' messages about brand clothing, scantily clad women and unreliable links. Fortunately, all messages have to get my approval. Unfortunately, the site was very quickly running out of disk space. In the space of only a couple of days, tens of thousands of these spam messages were blocking the site more and more.

Fortunately, I was able to delete them all at once. However, if you posted a question during the last couple of days, I may have inadvertently deleted it so you may have to repost it.

I also had to increase security, which at the same time means that it's become a bit more difficult to post a comment. You will notice a so-called Captcha image, with a code that is only human readable (I hope...) and that you have to confirm before you can post your message. After that, I still have to approve your comment.

Anyway, the site has resumed normal service and I'm very sorry for any inconvenience that you may have experienced.


Hello Bart.I feel your pain, same thing happened in our website. Captcha is a good option.You may also want to block any offending ISP from your host site control panel.Good luck and thank you for keeping your site accesible.Rodolfo

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