Step 3: Determining the Performance Framework (PF)

RBM - step 3The Performance Framework (not to be confused with the Performance Measurement Framework) describes the intervention logic of the project. It describes how what we invest and what we do will lead to tangible results.

With the information from the solution tree analysis (or another method), the basic elements of the project can be identified:

  • What is the purpose of the project (the central problem in the problem/solution tree analysis)?
  • What results do we expect?
  • Who will benefit from the project?
  • What is the best approach (strategy)?

The next step is to determine the results chain:

Project logic overview

Outputs, effects and impact have to be described in such a way that they are clear for everyone and can’t be misinterpreted. It’s best to avoid overly complex formulations and complex concepts that may be interpreted differently in various contexts (for instance: ‘gender equality’ or ‘durability’). It’s better to explain what you mean by those fancy concepts in as plain a language as possible.

The performance Framework will later be used to fill out the left column of the logical framework.