Working with Logframer documents

New logframe – open logframe – save logframe

New, open or save a  logframer document

To create a new logical framework, click on the New Logframe button New logframe button in the Main toolbar. When you start up Logframer, you will automatically get an empty new logframe.

The second button Open logframer document button allows you to open a previously saved logical framework (*.lfr document).

Save your document by clicking the third button Save logframer document button.


Using the File menu and the recent files list

Instead of using the buttons, you can click on the File-option of the Main menu and choose New, Open, Save or Save as.

Note: the following feature is only available in version 1.1 (or later) of Logframer

A handy feature to open files is the recent files list, which you can find at the bottom of the File menu:

Recent files list at the bottom of the File menu

The list contains the last 4 files that you opened, but you can set the number of recent files in the Logframer Program Settings window.