Setting the preparation time and the follow-up period

You can indicate how much time you will need to prepare for your activity using the Preparation field. Below, you can determine how much time you want to dedicate to follow-up your activity.

Setting the preparation and follow-up time

If you have a repetitive activity, the Repeat check boxes allow you to choose whether you'll only need the preparation or follow-up time for your original activity, or every time you're repeating it.

Preparation and follow-up of repeating activities

For instance, if you want to do a series of presentations, you may have to prepare a document or Powerpoint presentation once, before the first presentation. The next time, you won't need any time to prepare. However, if you're in charge of the logistics of a series of workshops, you may need a day of preparation time before every workshop, to set up the sound system, arrange the chairs, clean the room, etc. In such a case, you may want to use the Repeat option.

Using the From start of project option, you can indicate that the preparation time will run from the start of your project until the beginning of your activity. Logframer will calculate the number of days/weeks/months... you have until then.

Similarly, you can extend the length of your follow-up period until the end of the project by checking the box to the right.

Preparation from project start and follow-up until the end of the project


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