Logframer 1.0 Launch

So finally, after years of hard labour, the first version of Logframer is out there, on the internet. I was very excited on the 20th of May, the official launch day but also my marriage anniversary. And I'm even more excited right now, because the response to Logframer 1.0 so far was overwelmingly positive.

There were quite a number of questions from Macintosh users, asking for a Mac version of Logframer. Alas, I'm a Windows programmer and my objective was to reach people in developing countries that prefer the Intel/Windows platform because these computers tend to be less expensive - and more available - than those shiny Apple products.

And of course, like any newborn, Logframer does produce some burps and hick-ups from time to time. If you're strugling with unexpected shutdowns, feel free to contact us and describe the problem, so we can chase away the demons and produce an update.

You can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page, to see if there is a solution for a problem you may encounter or a question you may have.

Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted about the development of Logframer and any info related to the site on this page. So stay tuned!

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