Logframer by the Numbers - 31000 Downloads and Counting

Logframer 3.0 is out and it's the sixth version in total. So how is this project going?

Well of course monitoring is important for any project and I wouldn't be allowed to call myself a M&E expert if I hadn't devised a monitoring system for Logframer as well. So here are some of the main results


Logframer has been downloaded and installed over 31000 times

Since its launch in May 2013 (four years ago), Logframer has been downloaded more than 31000 times. That is pretty huge for specialist software aimed at project managers in international assistance.

Logframer download stats

As you can see in the chart, most people use the logframer.eu site (some 25.000 downloads in total - the blue line). Logframer is also available from a number of download sites such as Softpedia, Download.com, FindMySoft, FileCluster, etc. For my stats I track seven to eight of the more popular ones, but there are many more mirror sites out there that are not included in this list. (Beware for some mirror sites because they lure you in with free software and gain money by including all kinds of unwanted applications in their download files).

You can see the dramatic jump since November 2016, when version 2.0 was released. This was by far the most popular version:

Average monthly download

In defense of version 1.3: it had to keep the fire going for two years while I completely revised the code and developed version 2.0. But still, version 2.0 managed to get more downloads in half a year than its older brother did in two years:

Downloads of each version

With Logframer 2.0's excellent results and the release of version 3.0 a couple of weeks ago, it's clear that 2017 is going to be a record year:

Total download figures per year

The number of downloads for the first six months (well almost; the first five-and-a-half-months) of 2017 are almost as high as the total number of downloads for 2016 - which was a record-breaking year.


People from all over the world use Logframer

When I started working on Logframer my hope was that it would be a useful tool for grassroots organisations as well as larger organisations and that it would be used in developing countries and donor countries alike. And this is the case, as you can see in the map below:

People from all over the world visit the site (the map shows the number of visitors per country, not the number of downloads). People of Greenland and Turkmenistan are not fond of project management and I urgently have to send an e-mail to the five people in North Korea that are allowed to use a computer about what a great application it is.

The top twenty of visitor countries shows a nice mix of people from developing and donor countries:

1 India 11 Belgium
2 United States 12 Indonesia
3 France 13 Bangladesh
4 Kenya 14 Ethiopia
5 United Kingdom 15 Italy
6 Philippines 16 South Africa
7 Canada 17 Germany
8 Pakistan 18 Nepal
9 Australia 19 Nigeria
10 The Netherlands 20 Uganda

So all in all I'm quite happy with these figures so far, which exceed my expectations by some margin. I hope Logframer 3.0 will have a bright future and also that Logframer will attrackt more people from Spanish speaking countries once the interface has been translated.


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