Creating a multi-year budget

In the Lay-out toolbar, verify in the Structure section that the Multi-year budget button is selected. Logframer will create a tab page for every year of the project. The first page of the budget is the Total budget page.

The total budget page

The structure of a multi-year budget is as follows:

  • You define the different budget headers on the Total budget page.
  • These headings are copied on the pages of the year budgets
  • For each year budget, you add budget items to each of the budget headers.
  • The totals of the budget years are calculated and displayed on the Total budget page

This means that there are common budget headers for the whole of your budget. But within each budget year, you have the flexibility to add any items you want. You can even add additional budget headers specifically for one budget year that you won't (re)use for the other years.

Note that if you remove a budget header on the Total budget page, all the sub-items on the different budget year pages will also disappear.

To make creating a multi-year budget easier, it's best to follow these steps:

  1. Create the structure of your budget with all the headers that must be used for the different budget years in the Total budget page
  2. Fill out the first budget year as much as you can, adding individual items and their costs
  3. Copy the information from the first budget year to the following budget year(s):
    • Click in any cell of the second budget year
    • In the Items toolbar, click on Copy values from previous year (in the References section on the right).
    • Repeat to other years if necessary
  4. Modify where necessary in the individual budget years

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