Description of the project

On the Project Description tab of the Project Information window you can create a resume of what the project is about.

On the General information tab you can specify the current status of the project, i.e. in which phase of the project's lifetime (Identification; Implementation; Completion; Post-completion). If you're working with donors (see Funding tab), additional phases for proposal writing and approval are included. You can also specify whether a project is suspended or in the worst case cancelled entirely.

Below you can indicate which type of project this is, according to four main categories: International aid projects; Non-profit projects; for Profit projects or Government projects. You can select more than one type if you want. If you indicate that the project is about Humanitarian assistance, you will see that an additional tab page appears next to 'Context'.

On the bottom of the first tab you can add different economic sectors. Just click in the list and then in the Items toolbar click on the Add button. By default Logframer uses the UNDP DAC (Development Assistance Committee) 5-digit codes.

The Project Description tab

On the Project description tab you can write a descriptive text about what the project is about, for instance a short introduction or if you want a longer narrative description.

Similarly on the Context tab you can describe the context in which the project will take place. By this we mean the social, economic, cultural, political... environment in which the project will take place. Generally, this text provides the reader with an understanding in why the project is necessary and how it will contribute to improve the situation in the country or areas where you will work.

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