Exporting the Risk Register to a new MS Excel workbook

In the Menu bar, click on File → Export →Export to MS Excel →Export Risk Register. Logframer will open Microsoft Excel and create a new workbook with the register.

The Risk Register classifies the risk/assumptions that you've defined in five categories:

  1. Operational risks
  2. Financial risks
  3. Objectives risks
  4. Reputation risks
  5. Other risks

If you didn't set the type of risk in the Details window of your assumptions, then the risks will appear in a sixth category: 'Not defined'.

For each risk, the RR lists what your response will be to that risk, to what objective the risk is linked and finally the risk level.

The risk level depends on the likelihood of the risk (very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely) and the potential impact of the risk should it occur (very low, low, high, very high). The risk level score is based on these two factors and is expressed as a percentage.

Risk Register exported to a new MS Excel workbook


When you create a risk register in Excel, Logframer will include the information of your logframe in the first two columns of the risk level section (columns F and G in this example). Then there are provisions to measure the follow-up the risks at three different dates. At a later stage during the project, the project team can fill out this information. All you have to do at this point is to click on the cell to the right of the one marked 'Likelihood'. You will then see a dropdown list appear.

Indicate the likelihood that the risk will occur in the risk register

Select the level that represents the likelihood that this risk will occur at that particular point in time. Then you can indicate the potential impact on your project in the same way:

Indicate the impact that the risk will have should it materialise

A formula in the cell below will automatically calculate the risk level. In this example, the risk level has risen from 38% to 56% since the creation of the logical framework.

The risk level score in the risk register



Hi.This product looks good.   Is it possible to download to a mac?

Hi Jacqui,

Unfortunately, there is no Mac version of Logframer, although in theory you could make one yourself. See this link for more info


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