Working with text

You can modify the appearance of the text in the logical framework itself – and in the Label-columns of the Indicator Details window – like you would in any text editor. To change the font, the size, the text colour and other characteristics, you can use the Text toolbar:

The text toolbar

Selecting text in a cell

To type text in an empty cell, just click on the cell once and start typing. The text will be in the font and size that you’ve last selected. To edit existing text, you have to make sure that the cell is in text edit mode: click once to select the cell and then again to insert the cursor in the place you want it. Select text by dragging the cursor or by double-clicking to select the whole word, or by triple-clicking to select all the text in the cell.


Modifying the text

You can:

  • Change the font
  • Change the size of the text
  • Make your text bold, italics or normal
  • Underline or strike through your text
  • Make your text superscript or subscript

You can do this with any text in the logframe itself, and with the text in the Label columns of the Indicator Detail window.

Example of rich text in the logframe and the indicator detail window

In addition, you can change the colour of the text itself. You can also change the colour of the text’s background, using the Marker tool.

Text colour and marker colour buttons

Note: although the text tools allow you to light up your logframe like a Christmas tree, it is probably not a wise thing to do if you have any hope on getting donor funding, or anyone actually reading it. You should use the text tools mainly while designing your logframe, for instance to indicate pieces of text that still need some work or that you aren’t sure about. In the final version, you may want to limit yourself to putting a few keywords in bold text.


Paragraph options

Left, centre and right aligned text

You can outline the text in a cell to the left and right, or centre it. Logframer does not support bullet points or numbering inside cells. The idea is that you use one cell to express one idea.


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