Logframer 1.3 out now!

The latest release of Logframer is out now, so quickly run to the download page!

Version 1.3 has improved importing and exporting abilities. Now you can import logframes not only from Excel workbooks, but also from Word documents. As in Excel, you can select the table that contains the logical framework and import it, using a wizard.

To export your reports to Word, I've made a uniform wizard. In the previous versions, you could choose if you wanted to export your logical framework to a new Word document, or to an existing one. In an existing document you had the option to insert the logical framework at the beginning of the document, at the end or after a specific bookmark. But for all the other reports you didn't have these options, you could only create a new Word document with the report in question. So in this version, this wizard works for all reports.

Speaking of reports, you can now export four additional reports: the table of resources, the project's planning, the list of partners and the target group identification forms.

Additionally, I created an autosave function. To set the autosave timer, go to the preferences and choose after how many minutes Logframer has to autosave your document. Also, when you close the application and your document hasn't been saved, Logframer will ask you to save (this feature didn't work in the previous versions).

As always, I've smashed some bugs too. In previous versions, Logframer would generate an error if you tried to set the starting date of an activity before you'd set the starting date of your project. And the search function introduced in version 1.1 had some instabilities as well, so I've sorted that out too.


Proceed to the download page

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