Logframer Training at University of Blida (Algeria)

Last week I was invited by the Université Saâd Dahlab de Blida (Algeria) to provide a workshop on project design and management using the logical framework and Logframer 3.1. The group consisted of professors and staff members of the University of Blida 1 and the University of Constantine.

After an introduction on project management, the logical framework and particpatory approaches, we got to a hands-on experience with the Logical Framework Approach to formulate a project in a participatory way. The participants split into three groups and each group developed a problem/solutions tree for their project (respectively waste management on municipal level, improving livestock to increase milk production in Algeria and a public infrastructure project). They then used this information to develop their project in Logframer, including the identification of target groups, risk management, setting up the monitoring and evaluation framework, planning of the activities and determining the budget.

The problem tree carries fruit: a banana

It was a very interesting experience for me, as this was the first time I saw Logframer in action in a university setting (although I know there are various courses given by universities worldwide on project management where Logframer is used). We also discussed the posibilities to use Logframer for research projects, risk management in aviation design/production and students' projects.

At the end of the project the participants expressed their great satisfaction with the training and with Logframer, and I too was very content and grateful for the experience.

If you are interested in organising a similar workshop, feel free to contact me using the contact form

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