What do we mean by free software?

Logframer is free, open source software

Logframer is a free Windows application that enables you to easily design the logical framework of your project. Logframer is distributed under a GNU General Public License.

GNUWhen we say that Logframer is available for free, we mean that:

  • Logframer is available free of charge from the download page.
  • You can make as many copies of Logframer as you like, and install it on any number of devices.
  • No 30-days trial period
  • No advertising
  • No hidden messages in your reports and documents
  • No widgets, gadgets, add-ons, clean-up tools, registry scanners or other junk will be installed during Logframer’s installation process (*)
  • We’re not after your e-mail address, your password, your bank account number or any personal info
  • You won’t receive any spam

You can also download the source code to Logframer from our website

(*) Note: we can only guarantee that no junkware will be installed when you download Logframer from this website. Logframer is also available from a number of download sites, and although we try to select only those download sites that have a clean installation procedure, we cannot guarantee that they won't change their policy in this matter.

Feel free to support us with a donation

You are free to support us with a donation, but this is totally optional. To make a donation, you can press the 'Donate' button below. The donation procedure is handled securely by PayPal.

We won't bug you with repeated messages asking you for a donation or put any kind of pressure on you. If you are fine with using software that took some people years of there precious free time to develop without expressing your gratitude with some small financial token of appreciation, we are too. It's all the same to us. We won't mind. Really. On the other hand - just to make this perfectly clear - we don't have any moral or philosophical restrictions against people sending us large amounts of money. Just that you know.

Security of your data

  • Your data is stored locally on your computer in the form of a Logframer document (*.lfr). No information is transferred to FaciliDev or any other third party (web)server.
  • The data is stored as an unencrypted XML file. This means that the information is readable as text in any word processor or spreadsheet application. If you wish to protect your data, you should use a third-party encryption program.